Information on Hypoglycemia


Some symptoms are:

What causes low blood sugar?
Hypoglycemia most readily occurs in puppies under the age of 6 months of age, though it is not unheard of in older dogs.
It seems to be related to the small size of a toy breeds’ lack of glucose while they are not yet full grown.
The threat usually resolves as the dog matures. Your puppy’s blood sugar level can drop for many reasons. It can be caused by a
stressful situation by shipping, or a missed meal, being chilled, or even exhaustion from too much play.
Puppy hypoglycemia can usually be overcome by feeding frequent meals, since Yorkies cannot eat a lot at one time,
they literally run out of fuel quickly, a commercial puppy diet is recommended.
A nutritional supplement high in sugar, honey, can be used to keep your puppy’s blood sugar level normal.
Honey can be used to stimulate a puppy who is refusing to eat. It can be rubbed into the puppy’s gums for a more rapid result.
About 20 minutes later your puppy’s appetite will return. honey can be purchased from your favorite, local pet store, or even from your veterinarian.
Honey is another alternative in keeping their sugar level up when they are stressed or simply having to much activity.
When you first get your puppy make sure you give it the honey morning and night.




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